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About Off The Hook

In 2020, I decided to pick up crochet as a new hobby. Little did I know, it would turn into my new passion. I spent countless hours perfecting stitches and creating things for friends and family.  Fast forward to today, I'm proud to say that I've turned my crochet skill into a small business! I love seeing others appreciate the artistry and love that goes into each piece. Its been and amazing journey so far and I cant wait to see where my hooks and yarn can take me!

When I'm not crocheting, I can usually be found painting. Over that last year I've been working with the amazing author Diana Tuorto to illustrate a children's book! The book, Ms. Alberta: Feline Barn Manager is based on the true story of a feral barn cat who is torn between the outdoor world she knows and desire to live with her special human, Mama, but there is one problem... Mama’s dog. 

Crochet Gallery 

100% handmade 


Crochet blankets are the perfect way to add a cozy touch to any space. From simple and classic designs to intricate and colorful patterns, crochet blankets make a perfect gift, whether it's a baby blanket or a lap blanket. 

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Crochet bags are the perfect handmade touch to anyones style. Not only do they look amazing, they are eco- friendly and sustainable, making them a great choice for everyday use. 

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Toys and Stuffies

Crochet stuffed animals make the best handmade gift for all ages, whether its a baby lovey or a plush version of your favorite character. 

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Cat Couches and Miscellaneous 

Besides bags, blankets and stuffed animals, there are tons of other things that can be crochet! One of my favorites to make are cat couches! They add a colorful handmade touch to any cat owners home, and cats love them! A few of my other favorites to crochet are dish cloths, wall decor and much much more. 

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